Integrative Health Coaching & Support Services

Most disabilities associated with aging can be prevented or significantly delayed by diet, exercise, and management of stress.  Research suggests that smoking, physical inactivity, and bad eating habits account for 50-75% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. 

The fact is you have more control than you think.  How you age is largely under your own control through lifestyle choices.  By making good lifestyle and health management decisions, you can add 10-20 quality years to your life. 
Do you know what lifestyle changes would have the greatest impact on longevity and the quality of your life?  Have you developed a strategy for incorporating them into your daily life and long range plans?

Age Well Be Well will help you sort through health information and research to determine what strategies and lifestyle changes are valid and most pertinent to you.  We can help you identify fears and misconceptions about aging that might consciously or subconsciously influence your beliefs and behaviors.  In addition,  Age Well Be Well will help you to recognize and minimize the barriers that hold you back while also providing vital support strategies to keep you on the right path.  

Age Well Be Well services help you stay informed and make positive lifestyle changes through Coaching Services and Support Wells.


Working with you individually or with you and a significant other, Age Well Be Well can help you develop and implement a holistic wellness plan based on your specific needs.  This can include focusing on a particular concern that is influencing your health and wellness, envisioning your future and developing a plan to make sure you have the health to accomplish your plans, or anything in between. 

Integrative health coaching is a dynamic partnership designed to help you define and reach goals that facilitate your optimal wellbeing. Together you explore health and welless from a holistic and integrated approach.  This process is holistic because it evaluates your current and desired staes in areas that embody the mind, body and spirit.  At Age Well Be Well, we use the Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health to guide this process. Action steps support movement toward your ideal vision of health and incorporate not only traditional health and medical interventions but also alternative or complementary approaches to care (i.e. mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, massage, and herbal supplements).  This integrated approach ensures the development of a comprehensive, holistic and personalized health vision and plan.  The plan is broken down into a series of action steps to make it easy to achieve and sustain success.

Working with an integrated health coach provides you with a resourceful and supportive partner who, through active listening and thoughtful questions, will help you cultivate self-awareness and discovery.  

The coaching process helps:

-clarify your values and vision

-identify and capitalize on your strengths

-proactively identify and navigate barriers

-develop realistic and sustainable goals and action steps

-strengthen your commitment to change

Coaching sessions can be provided in the comfort of your own home, the Age Well Be Well office or via telephone conferencing.


Support Wells are small groups that meet regularly to address issues such as diet, exercise, and stress management.  These monthly gatherings give participants an opportunity to try healthy recipes, new types of exercise, and a variety of stress management techniques.  Attending a Support Well gives you a chance to meet and receive support and encouragement from others who share similar goals and are facing similar challenges.